Q. Why should I choose GaLifeQuotes.com?

A. GaLifeQuotes.com gives you advantages that other online , and traditional , insurance services won't. We are a local Georgia agency licensed to sale life insurance products since 1972. We offer a pressure-free way to buy custom life insurance from competing insurance companies by phone or online, helping customers save hundreds of dollars on their policies.

Personalized quotes. Thanks to our years of experience and our personal attention to each quote request, you'll get an accurate quote from our insurance companies right from the start. No surprises.

Expertise. Your GaLifeQuotes.com licensed agent knows how to cut through insurance company red tape, saving you time and money since 1972.

Excellent Service. The GaLifeQuotes difference is the ability to work with us. We only operate and specialize in Georgia and can be contacted by phone, fax, email, or online. You will work with our local office for any questions or needs for the entire time of your policy! You can even visit your agent face to face!

Q. What companies does GaLifeQuotes.com represent?

A. Click here to learn about the highly-rated companies we represent. We are always adding top major Georgia life insurers to our network!

Q. What states are GaLifeQuotes.com licensed in?

A. GaLifeQuotes specializes in Georgia only! We want to be accessible to you, so we only stay local to offer the best service.

Q. How confidential is my information?

A. Completely. No one has access to your information other than GaLifeQuotes.com, and, once you've chosen one of our highly rated companies, the insurer you decide to use. We never sell your name, address, or personal information.

Q. Do you just give price quotes?

A. No. GaLifeQuotes.com handles every step of the buying process, and does it all at your convenience. Unlike some online insurance services, which simply generate leads and sell your contact information to the highest-bidding agents, we are a full-service agency that helps you throughout the process with personal local service.

Q. How does GaLifeQuotes.com get paid?

A. Our agency in Fayetteville, Georgia receives a commission from an insurance company each time a policy goes in force. We may receive additional compensation from insurers based on other factors such as premium volume placed with a particular insurer. The compensation we receive may differ depending the product and the insurer.  Our licensed Georgia life agents find the best priced policies matching the individual underwriting characteristics and coverage needs of our clients from the insurance companies that we represent. To ensure that you receive impartial advice and get the right coverage, we do not tell our agents the details of the insurance company compensation programs, and we do not rank or present our insurance companies or their products based on compensation. Our in house agent's recommendations will never be influenced by any differences in commissions or other compensation offered by the different insurers we represent.

Q. How does GaLifeQuotes.com pick the companies it represents?

A. GaLifeQuotes.com regularly monitors the products, prices and service of highly rated insurance companies that actively compete for Life business placed by independent agents. Different insurance companies have different standards for their underwriting classifications. Each company can be more or less competitive depending upon such factors as policy size, age range, health factors and lifestyle. GaLifeQuotes.com establishes agency relationships with a select group of insurers to have highly competitive products for a broad range of underwriting factors and to establish strong personal relationships with insurance companies' underwriting and administrative staffs to facilitate prompt and responsive service. Our agency uses the following consumer factors to select the insurance companies it represents:

   * Competitive Pricing
   * Financial stability
   * Varied underwriting specializations
   * Excellent claim-paying record
   * Efficient operations
   * Experienced personnel

Q. How much Term Life Insurance do I need?

A. See our discussion here. Since life insurance replaces lost income if something happens to you, the proceeds from your policy should be enough to cover immediate expenses as well as to provide continuous income for your beneficiaries. Most financial planners recommend coverage that's 5 to 10 times your annual income. For example, if you make $50,000, you might consider coverage between $400,000 and $600,000. If you're younger and just starting a family, you might need as much as 15 times your income to allow for salary increases. Since individual needs vary, we recommend that you speak to one of our licensed agents to help you determine what's right for you. We also recommend you consult your attorney or financial advisor for professional legal, tax and financial planning advice.

Q. What does 'guaranteed' mean?

A. 'Guaranteed' refers to the annual premium you pay on your policy. For example, a fully guaranteed 20-year term means that your premium is guaranteed to remain the same, or level, for a full 20 years as long as you pay the premium. The coverage, or death benefit, also remains level. The insurance company cannot cancel your policy or raise your premium for the length of the term, as long as you pay the premium. The same is true for 10-year, 15-year, 25-year, and 30-year guaranteed terms.

Some companies offer term policies that are partially guaranteed. We recommend that you consider only policies that are fully guaranteed, so that your rates cannot change for the length of your policy.

Q. How long do I need protection?

A. The number of years' coverage you need depends on several things, but the most basic consideration is how long you expect your beneficiaries to be dependent upon your income. If your spouse is your beneficiary, you should consider being covered until you plan to retire. If it's your children, you'll probably want to protect them until they're 18 or finish college. To cover a mortgage, choose a policy that will be in place for at least the length of the loan. Depending on your age, you can purchase policies guaranteed for 10, 15, 20, or even 30 years. You may also want Perminent coverage that we can offer from our Whole Life and Universal Life products we offer.

Q. Should I get coverage for my spouse?

A. The need for Life Insurance coverage applies equally to income-earning spouses, and there are strong arguments for acquiring life insurance for a partner who is not drawing an income as well. For instance, losing a stay-at-home spouse can lead to dramatically increased child-care costs, time away from work for the surviving spouse, final expenses, the settling of outstanding debts, and these are just the financial aspects of such a serious loss. The rule is to get at least 50 percent of the term life coverage for a stay-at-home spouse as for the primary breadwinner.

Q. Can I convert my term life policy to permanent insurance?

A. Most policies we sell can be convertible to permanent insurance, also called whole life or universal life insurance, at various times during the term of the policy. This conversion takes place without you having to take another medical exam or reapply, no matter what may have changed in your health. This option provides reassurance and flexibility should your health or insurance needs change after your original purchase through us. Though this is important to add into your quote request to make sure we find the right policy for your needs!

Q. I've had some health issues. Can I still get insurance?

A. There's a vert good possibility you can! GaLifeQuotes.com represents many companies that specialize in insuring people with less than perfect health. Our in house Georgia life agents have helped many people, including cancer survivors and those with diabetes or heart disease, get the coverage they need at the best price available.

Q. How do I apply for a policy?

A. After the quote is given to you by email or phone it's very simple to proceed.
   * Step One: Get your application started. You can call your personal in house life agent at 770-461-1355 and complete the process in a matter of minutes, or we can do online application with some of our companies. We can even mail your application to you, or you may visit our office if needed.
   * Step Two: Your personal agent from our office will verify your information and schedule your free medical exam.
   * Step Three: Complete the short paramedic exam in your home or office, at your convenience and at no cost to you. This exam,an insurance company requirement, includes blood and urine samples and should take no more than 15-20 minutes. Of course, all information is confidential, and you will have access to the results. The medical examiner will collect your application and send it to the insurance company.

Q. How Do I get the right price on the best policy for me?

A. It's easy. Simply answer all of the questions on your application honestly, complete your medical exam (at no cost to you) and promptly return any forms required by the insurance company. We'll take care of everything else.

Q. How long does it take to get a policy?

A. Typically, it takes 4-7 weeks after your application is submitted to get the policy in your hands.

Q. Do I have to take a medical exam?

A. Not always. It really depends on the type and amount of your policy. But almost all of our companies require applicants to take a brief paramedic exam, which includes blood and urine samples. In some cases, you may also be required to have additional tests at the request of the insurance company. The exam is at no cost to you and takes place at your home or office when it's convenient for you. It usually takes less than 20 minutes.

Q. How does a monthly payment plan work?

A. You can choose to pay a variety of flexible payment plans. Most companies offer monthly EFT, annual payments, semi-annual (every 6 months), and even quarterly payments (every 3 months). The insurance company will establish an automatic draft linked to your checking account, and deduct the monthly premium on the date that you specify. Small service charges, approximately 3-3.5 percent of your annual premium, will be added to your payment and vary by company. Annual payments have the lowest 12-month charge of these alternatives.

Q. Do I have any coverage while I'm waiting for my policy?

A. Very often you do. Once your application, initial premium, and completed medical exam have been sent to the insurance company, you may be eligible for temporary conditional insurance while your policy is being approved. Terms and conditions vary by company, but are explained in detail on your insurance application. Your personal agent will explain how it works.

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